Director’s Profile

Mrs Carol Brown - MSc FCIPD - Vice Chair


Carol brings to the governing body an impressive combination of extensive corporate and strategic leadership for a number of service areas with hands on experience of driving the Human Resources and Organisation Development (HR//OD) agenda, spanning three large unitary authorities, Birmingham, Dudley and Walsall and also Worcester City (District) Council. She has been Corporate Director and Chief Strategic Advisor for a local authority, where her portfolio included HR/OD, Health & Safety, Equalities, Corporate Policy and Performance, Procurement, Internal Audit, Legal and Democratic Services, Scrutiny, Communications and Engagement and Shared Services – Commissioning. In addition she has been a statutory Monitoring Officer for a local authority. Carol also has a keen interest in education, sports and physical activity and actively promotes the importance of health, nutrition and sports/ physical activity.

Rev Dr Paul Beetham - BA BSc CBiol MSB

Paul Beetham

Rev Dr Paul is a Methodist minister and currently Superintendent Minister of the Birmingham (West) & Oldbury Circuit. He studied Botany and Zoology at London University, completed a Doctorate at the University of Wales in Microbiology, and in Systematic Theology at Durham University. He is a member of the Society for Biology and a Chartered Biologist. He has carried out scientific consultancy for the cities of Düsseldorf and Cologne and legal consultancy work on air pollution. He has served on the Methodist Faith & Order Committee, was formerly editor of Christ & The Cosmos publications and is currently a trustee of the Science & Religion Forum. He has published papers in both biology and theology. He is a former school governor and currently Chair of a nursery school.

Mr Clive Bailey - BA FISM

Clive Bailey

Clive, a co-founder of Excell3 is an experienced international business and product development manager having worked as the Global Project manager for an international company for over 20 years, identifying market opportunities, initiating and executing strategies. Clive is a Fellow of The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (UK). He has been a school governor for over 11 years in a secondary school (Ofsted rated ‘Good’), serving as a Parent and Community Governor where he also sits on the Teachers’ Appeals panel.



Claudine Reid - MBE


Claudine is a serial entrepreneur specialising in providing services to enhance and transform communities. She has worked in the Education, Arts and Care sectors. As a Social Enterprise specialist she is involved in a number organisations including government departments, faith organisations and education institutions in a leadership and advisory capacity. In recognition for her commitment to Social Enterprise and the community, Claudine received a number of awards including an MBE investiture on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in 2008.

Claudine’s vast experience includes:

* Former Cabinet Office Social Enterprise Ambassador advising the British Government on how raising the profile of Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship across the country.

* Former Chair & Current Vice-Chair of Governors for a London Academy working with the senior leadership team providing governance and strategic direction.

* Ambassador & regional advisor for the Cinnamon Network - working with churches to transform their communities by reaching out and building life-giving relationships with those in greatest need.

Claudine is passionate about lifelong learning and continuous personal development. She has a Business studies Degree (BA) and is currently studying for a Masters Degree.

Susan Lawrence - Finance, Marketing & Resources Committee

Susan LawrenceSusan Lawrence FCCA

Susan is a FCCA qualified accountant with  more than 20 accountancy experience working for blue chip commercial industries both in private and public sector.

She has 7 years’ experience as a Governor, has worked for various mutli-academy trusts and is currently working for one of the largest education organisations in the UK. Susan,  a committed Christian who  teaches young people in her local church,  has a passion for  seeing young people reach their  full potential. 

Shaboainne Forde

FordeParent Director Shaboainne Forde was appointed to the Full Governing Board for King Solomon International Business School on 10 January 2018 for a two year term.

Shaboainne has worked in further education for over 23 years, seven years as a Business and Customer Services Lecturer and 16 years of management experience.  She is currently Deputy Director of Management Information Systems at a leading college in Birmingham. She has a Master of Science degree in Leadership and Change Management and has qualified teacher status.

Shaboainne’s passion is implementing improvement for students experience in education.



Stephanie McConnell

Stephanie McConnell is a Parent Director appointed in 2018 Stephanie is a Solicitor in the West Midlands currently practising Child Care Law but previously Immigration and Asylum law both in Private Practice and for the Local Authority.

Stephanie’s eldest daughter is part of the initial intake of pupils at King Solomon International Business School.

As a Parent Director Stephanie aims to compliment the current Directorship’s skillset by using her expertise within the legal profession, experience as a parent and her own experience as a student. 

Associate Directors (without voting rights)

Dr Mark Yeadon - CPA EPA 

Mark holds an honours degree in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford and a doctorate in Metallurgy and Materials from the University of Birmingham. Since graduating he has worked in University and Government research laboratories in both the United States and South East Asia, and held a faculty position as Lecturer in Materials Science at the National University of Singapore. Upon returning to the UK Mark qualified as a UK and European patent attorney and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys.

As a patent attorney Mark works closely with companies and organisations at the leading edge of innovation in science and technology, including start-up companies, SMEs and MNCs. He has a keen interest in preparing the next generation of entrepreneurs to not only survive but thrive in the continually changing global economy.

Dr Anthony Talburt - BA MA

Tony, an Education Consultant has over 20 years’ teaching experience in secondary schools, further education colleges and universities, both in the UK and abroad. He has been delivering training and consultancy to colleges, Local Authority Departments and schools since 1990. Tony is an author of several books and publications and an ‘A’ level examiner in politics. He is a Governor of an Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ primary school and Vice Chair of Governors for an Ofsted rated ‘Good’ secondary school. 

Kevin Fearon - MBA, MCIH - Finance Resources & Marketing Committee

Kevin has been working in the social housing and community regeneration sector for the last 28 years with particular expertise in property development and asset and housing management, and is fully committed to enhancing the educational potential of young people throughout the West Midlands. He currently serves as Operations Director for Nehemiah Housing Association and is the chair of the Resources Committee for Wolverhampton Homes. 

Dionne Gravesande - Standards & Ethos Committee

Dionne Gravesande is Head of Church Advocacy at Christian Aid, the official development agency of 41 sponsoring churches in Britain and Ireland.  Dionne has over 25 years of experience working with the Church in the UK and across the global, and continues her work in the community through her governance roles in both secondary and primary schools as well serving on several national charity bodies.

Warren Hinds - Associate Directors, Standards & Ethos Committee

Mr Hinds has over twenty years middle and senior leadership experience of working in  inner city schools in the West Midlands, London as well as overseas and has a track record of securing outstanding outcomes for the young people in these communities, He joined King Solomon International Business school as an Associate Director having served as Head of Secondary phase in its development period. Mr Hinds has a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and Management in Education and is currently a member of the senior leadership team in an Ofsted rated 'good school'. As a fervent believer that the socio-economic background of pupils should not be the decisive factor in determining their future life chances, Mr. Hinds enrolled on the national Future leaders program which prepare participants to lead schools in social deprived areas.

Kadi Wilson

Parent Governor, Kadi Wilson was appointed to the Board for King Solomon International Business School on 10 November 2015.  For over 10 years Kadi has worked on various community projects all around the Midlands where she started off as a Youth Support Worker/ Mentor. Since then she has achieved a degree in Psychology and Media and a Masters in Occupational Psychology and gained a Certificate in International Business following 12 months in New York. With a passion for entrepreneurship, Kadi has run comedy and poetry events in Birmingham and is also an artist who owns her own studio. 


Can be made through Sue Cooke, our Clerk to the Directors on

Governance Structure

Governance Structure

Board of Directors Remit

The key powers of the Board are set out in Article 5 of the Articles of Association of King Solomon, and the following is based directly on the points set out in that Article. The Board is a strategic body and as such is concerned with the overall objectives and management of King Solomon. It should not be involved in every detail of every decision. The Board must direct King Solomon ‘affairs in such a way as to promote its objects and is responsible for the strategic management, direction and overall control of King Solomon. The functions of the Board include: defining and ensuring compliance with the values and objectives of the company and establishing policies and plans to achieve those objectives; approving each year’s budget and accounts before publication; establishing and overseeing a framework of delegation of its powers to Committees and employees under Article 105 with proper systems of control; keep under review the funding agreement, and ensure compliance; monitoring King Solomon’ performance in relation to its plans, budget controls and decisions; appointing (and if necessary removing) Senior Officers; satisfying itself that King Solomon’ affairs are conducted in accordance with generally accepted standards of performance and propriety; and taking appropriate advice on the items listed in Articles 5 and in particular on matters of legal compliance and financial viability.

Standards and Ethos Committee Remit

Chairperson: Dr Rev Paul Betham

This committee is actively involved in school Self-Evaluation, monitoring of performance data and school curriculum, and the development and implementation of the School development Plan. The curriculum responsibility comprises all learning and other experiences that each school provides for its pupils. The range of responsibilities for the curriculum are shared between the Principal, the governing body, and the Secretary of State for Education and Skills. The committee has responsibility for monitoring teaching & learning, monitoring and reviewing the assessment policy, monitoring the school’s curriculum provision including the school visit policy and the school’s provision and policy on international business, sex education, RE. This committee is also responsible for ensuring that the vision and Christian ethos of the school is effectively embedded into all areas of the school.

Finance, Resource and Marketing Committee Remit


This committee has delegated powers from the Full Governing Body to deal with all financial, buildings, IT, other school resources, and admissions and marketing matters on behalf of the Governing Body. On finances, this committee is expected to ensure that the school operates within all appropriate Financial Regulations, to help the school to maximise ethical income opportunities and to set the terms for prudent expenditure. The resources remit of this committee is concerned with the maintenance and use of premises, grounds, infrastructure (such as IT, catering), school transport and extended school facilities. It should act on behalf of the Governing Body in all issues relating to accommodation, grounds, caretaking, cleaning, decorating, maintenance and community use. It will monitor efficient use of resources and utilities maintaining an overview of costs and lettings policy of premises. Risk Assessment and Health and Safety issues also fall within this remit. The admissions and marketing role of this committee is to develop the profile of King Solomon in the community, to encourage pupil applications and oversee the admissions process. This will also involve making partnerships with other organisations, making King Solomon an effective educational resource at the heart of the Birmingham.  This committee is also responsible for ensuring that the vision and Christian ethos of the school is effectively embedded into all areas of the school.

For more information or to make contact with our Board of Directors, please contact our Clerk to the Governors (Sue Cooke) at

Attendance at meetings  

All Directors are member of the full Board. In addition most Directors also sit on one or two other Committees; this is reflected in their overall number of meetings attended.


Business interests and attendance at meetings from

Category of Director

Terms of office dates

Specific responsibility

Attendance at meetings


Clive Bailey

Director Washwood Heath Academy MAT


1.9.15 to 31.8.19

Safeguarding and PREVENT



1/17-7/17: 7/7

9/17-7-18: 8/10

Rev Dr. Paul Beetham

Birmingham (West) & Oldbury Methodist Circuit charity trustee; Quinton Methodist Church charity trustee; West Smethwick Methodist Church, charity trustee; Happy Corner Childcare charity trustee;

Member of the Royal Society of Biology & committee member of the West Midlands Branch, Science & Religion Forum, British Lichen Society

Trust Members

1.9.15 to 31.8.19

Vice Chair of Standards and Ethos




1/17-7/17: 5/7

9/17-7-18: 7/8

Carol Brown

Director of Carol Brown Associates and Yardsdale


Trust Members

1.9.15 to 31.8.19

Vice Chair of Finance Resources and Marketing. Joint Vice Chair of FGB



1/17-7/17: 5/7

9/17-7-18: 2/8

Rev Gilroy Brown

Director of Gilroy Brown Education Consultant


Trust Members

1.9.15 to 31.8.19

Chair of Full Board



1/17-7/17: 4/7

9/17-7-18: 8/8

Dr. Cheron Byfield

Director, Excell3 Ltd and Excell3 Enterprises


Trust Members

1.9.15 to 31.8.19

Accounting Officer



1/17-7/17: 10/10

9/17-7-18: 11/11

Rev. Brendan Clover

The Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust, the Oxford MAT, appointed Sept 2012. Senior Provost of Woodard Schools


Trust Members

1.9.15 to 31.8.19




1/17-7/17: 1/3

9/17-7-18: 2/5

Mike Ison

Director at Grace Academy, Darlaston from April 2008

Director of Ison Management Services

Trust Members

17.4.16 to 17.4.20

Chair of Finance Resources and Marketing. Joint Vice Chair of FGB



1/17-7/17: 6/7

9/17-7-18: 5/8 

Rev. Bryan Scott

Director of Olive Branch 2 CIC. Trustee of Cannon St Memorial Baptist Church



28.2.16 to 28.2.17

Extended on 16.2.17 to 31.12.17




1/17-7/17: 2/3

9/17-7-18: 1/3

Dr. Antony Talburt

Director, TTC Consultancy




Trust Members

1.9.15 to 31.8.19

Chair of Standards and Ethos



1/17-7/17: 6/6

9/17-7-18: 3/7

Kadiatu Wilson

TB Racking. British Psychological Society



10.11.15 to 31.12.16

Extended on 16.2.17 to 31.12.17




1/17-7/17: 3/3

9/17-7-18: 3/3

Dr. Mark Yeadon

Director of Yeadon IP Ltd., Director of Excell3 Independent Schools Ltd.

Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys and Institution of Engineering and Technology


Trust Members

26.2.16 to 26.2.20




1/17-7/17: 5/5

9/17-7-18: 8/9

*Directors 4 year appointment began at the start of the school opening in September 2015

Kevin serves as a member of the King Solomon Finance Resources and Marketing Committee.