Parents College

At King Solomon we believe that strong partnership   working between the school and parents will lead to excellent outcomes for children.  Research findings support this view as they reveal  that children’s attainment is positively advanced when parents are active co-educators in their child’s education (Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2007; DCSF 2008; the National Literacy Trust 2011). Their dominant message is clear, children will achieve more when parents are involved.  King Solomon has a strong commitment to empowering parents to be effective co-educators of their hence, hence the development of  our  innovative Parents College.


The overarching aim of the Parents College is to equip parents with the knowledge and skills to effectively undertake their role as co-educators and build parents confidence to engage with their children's learning.  The Parents College is a learning hub for parents which runs throughout the year in the form of workshops and seminars. The College operates mainly on a Thursday evening.

Accessible to All

The Parents College is open to all parents and carers of children at King Solomon as well as to those who support the partnering of these children for example, grandparents, godparents and indeed any other members of the family who have a close impact on the child`s life. Some sessions are free; others will attract a small fee.

Parent’s conference

King Solomon, in partnership with Excell3 will be holding a parents conference periodically. Further details will be provided in due course.

King Solomon Fact Sheet

Parents facts sheet can be found here

Planned Seminars and Workshops for 2017/2018

Our core programme is designed to empower parents of primary and secondary school students in supporting their child’s education at home and school. A list of some of the seminars and workshops that makes up this programme, with a brief outline of each workshop and their aim is set out below.  


Brief Outline

Understanding the Education System 

The education system can often seem like a maze; its constantly changing. These workshops  will keep parents abreast of current development in the education system and  to  provide useful insights into how the education system is structured and how parents can take advantage of the opportunities it offers for their Two different workshop will be offered,  one for primary phase parents and the other for secondary phase parents. 

Education Success by Design

“If you fail to plan you plan to fail”. This workshop offers useful tips for parents on planning their child’s education journey for a successful outcome.

Supporting your child at home with phonics

Phonics is a vitally important strategy for reading.  This workshop will support parents a glossary of phonic terms so that you can make sense of your child’s phonic language and support them correctly with the use of phonics in reading and writing at home.

Supporting your Child in the  core subjects of  Literacy, Maths, English, Science, French and Mandarin

These are a series of year group specific workshops  to enable parents to gain insights into the main learning criteria and competencies for each subject area.  Specialist teachers will equip parents with the knowledge of how to support their child in a subject to enhance their knowledge of the subject. These workshop will  be particularly useful for parents  who either have  children who are either struggling with a subject or who make further progress in that  subject.

Supporting the character development of your child

Character development is an important factor for success in life and is part of the school’s vision.  This workshops  will  assist parents  will show parents how they can work with the school to enable parents to effectively facilitate the further development of their child’s character and how you can support your chid in building up  their character development journal.

Learning to Learn

Human capacity for learning is not fixed but fluid. This workshop

shows how learning takes place and how it can be accelerated with parental support. will enable  parents to improve their child’s capacity for learning so that their child obtains the most out of their school experiences

Understanding and dealing with a child with challenging behaviour


Sometimes children experience a crisis in their lives and become disaffected with schooling. This workshops offers an opportunity for parents to explore some of the common causes and respond to challenging behaviour in a way that administers healthy discipline, build compliance and re-engagement ways for getting their child back on track.

Parents Volunteering induction

Students achieve more when parents are involved. This induction workshop will  enable parents to participate and to positively contribute to the school as volunteers. 


Q: Can parents suggest other types of courses we would like the Parents College to offer?

A:  Yes, most certainly.  Please let us know what  your training needs are and if there is sufficient  demand for the course we will do our utmost to provide the training

Q: Will  the Parents College  consider putting on personal development courses for parents?

A:  Yes,  we will consider specialised personal development workshops for  parents who wish to enrich their lives and to make progress in their career.

Q: What is the fee for the courses?

A: As far as possible, most of the  core courses we offer will be free of charge but some courses will attract a course fee. Where a fee is applicable, parents will be advised in advance or at the time of booking a place on a workshop.

Q: Will there be space in the schools permanent building for the Parents College?

A: Yes it will. Plans are being made for a designated area for the Parents College.

Q: Will the Parents College support the formation of Parents support groups that might emerge out of a course?

A : Yes, parents attending the workshops will have the opportunity to network with other parents and to join a parent support group.

Q: Will childcare facilities be provided?

A: Yes subject to there being sufficient parents requiring the facility. Parents will be notified of the exact fee    advance of the course.

Q: Where can I find out what courses will be provided and the dates?

A: Information will be available le on the schools website in the Parents Zone section