Character Development and Christian Ethos

Our Chaplaincy Team

Character development

King Solomon International Business school (King Solomon)’s character development framework is based on the moral virtues associated with the Biblical Fruit of the Spirit, i.e.: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.  These virtues are the moral standard which is integrated into the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, provides students with a moral compass for life.


Our School Chaplaincy plays a key role in ensuring that the Christian ethos permeates every aspect of the school. The Chaplaincy oversees collective worship, prayer, faith development, Bible Smart clubs, and global social action projects, builds relationships with Christian establishments and liaises with other faith leaders to ensure that meet the needs of all students, including those from other faiths.

Collective Worship

Collective worship is central to our school community. As a multi-denominational Christian school, we have a varied, well-planned and engaging worship practice which is both traditional and modern. Students are encouraged and supported to be involved in the planning and delivery of collective worship. Parents are welcome to attend our special worship services.

Multi-faith Room

One of the ways in which our commitment to supporting the needs of other students from other faiths is reflected is through the provision of our multi-faith room for prayer and reflection. The facility will be available when the planned school building works is completed.

Reflective Areas

Once all the planned building works is completed we will have an Inner Sanctuary (a School Chapel) and a multi-faith room. These will provide space for students to have quiet times for praying, reflecting, and reading the Bible. In addition, reflective corners are provided in some classrooms.


The principle of ‘God first' permeates throughout the school and hence prayer is a key expression of where we put God first. There is a prayer letter box facility which all students and staff can access to solicit prayer support. In the school there is also a parents’ prayer group and a staff prayer group. In addition, students who are well versed in the Christian faith can also volunteer to be a prayer support to their peers.

Music and Singing

Music and singing is the heartbeat of this school, as evident not just in collective worship, but throughout the school day. Our choir have an ambassadorial role for the school.

Celebration of Key Events

We celebrate Christmas, Easter, Lent and All Saints (instead of Halloween). King Solomon also gives due recognition to the key festivals of other faiths.

Dedications and Baptisms

Our school Chaplain works with local churches to support families who desire their child to be dedicated or baptised.

Religious Education (RE)

Religious Education is an important subject which is delivered to all students, except those whose parents chose to withdraw. We follow the Birmingham agreed syllabus which includes the study of other major faiths, but being a Christian school our main focus is on Christianity.

Bible Smart Club

Our Bible Smart Club, an extra-curricular activity, is available for students to participate in. In this club students develop a greater understanding of the Bible and how to study it effectively.

British Values

The Christian ethos of King Solomon supports our commitment to fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. These British values are integrated into the curriculum and extra-curricular activities of the school.

Christian Business Ethics

The Biblical character, King Solomon, was renowned for his wisdom, but in his era he was also a highly successful international business trader. At this school students will be taught Christian business ethics to underpin their approach to doing business.


King Solomon is in the process of becoming a Fairtrade school; we are committed to making a real difference to third world producers through the school’s buying power.

Global Social Action

King Solomon is committed to meeting the needs of its local, national and international community. The motto for this school’s global social action activities is ‘a school in the heart of Birmingham which reaches out to its local community, its nation and its world’.


All the staff who are employed at the school, irrespective of their faith, are committed to the Christian ethos of the school. Staff receive training on Christian values and ethos, and are expected to model the virtues we seek to develop in the students.

The Whole School Family

We are committed to developing close relationships with parents and other key family members. A range of events are organised for families throughout the year.

Faith Partnership

King Solomon values partnership with churches, church establishments and networks as well as partnership with other faith groups.