Academic achievements

  • Year 1 phonics outcome in 2017 is 87.5%, this is above the 2016 national average.
  • Year 1 phonics outcomes in 2017 -100% for PP students (national average 69%)
  • EYFS Good Level of Development in 2017 is 76.7% which is above national average.
  • Progress differences between disadvantaged students and all students in the core subjects in the secondary school are less than 6% in both Year 7 and Year 8.
  • Male and female students in Year 7 and Year 8 are both achieving above national expected progress in English and Maths with a gender difference of 9% in English and 2% in Maths.

The Knight of Saint Columba Commendation

  • The school was presented with a Commendation by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham at the Council Chamber for winning 3rd place in the  Knight of Saint Columba  for its Christmas drama performance

Interfaith certificate

  • One of our students received the ‘Outstanding Student’ certificate at the FEAST event (an interfaith event which brings together teenagers from different faiths and cultures to build friendships, explore faith and change lives.

Football team promoted to division 1

  • The school’s year 8 football team won Aston Under 13 Division 2 and have now been promoted to division 1


The primary phase delivered an excellent Christmas production parents, and our secondary phase held two successful enterprise days.