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Covid-19 Updates

Video information regarding our Covid-19 Test and Trace Centre

All schools in England are going back from 8 March,  with a phased return during the week.

There will be  Covid testing in secondary school for pupils - with parents expected to carry out the testing at home, after three tests in school. Home testing for secondary pupils will be twice weekly - there is no testing planned for primary pupils.

Face masks will also be required in secondary school classrooms until the end of  this term.

An Introducing to our  Test and Trace Centrtre

To safeguard the health of the teaching workforce and keep as many staff, pupils and students in school as possible, we have made rapid lateral flow coronavirus (COVID-19) tests available to school pupils and staff. The use of rapid lateral flow tests allows us to identify individuals with coronavirus (COVID-19) who do not have symptoms, which make up around a third of all cases.

Finding asymptomatic cases, along with other infection prevention and control measures such as social distancing, can help us manage the transmission of the virus.


Lateral flow devices have been provided to all schools to offer the workforce access to 2 rapid results tests every week. This will help identify staff who are carrying the virus without displaying symptoms, reducing the risk of transmission.

Testing is not mandatory for pupils or staff and they do not need to provide proof of a negative test result to attend school in person, although participation in testing is strongly encouraged.


Conducting testing in school

Recent pilots have shown how rapid testing can be used effectively and have positive impacts in schools. The lateral flow tests produce a result in 30 minutes and do not require a laboratory to process.

It is important to note that a negative test result does not remove the risk of transmission. In some cases, someone who has tested negative may still have the undetected disease and be infectious. It is therefore essential that everyone continues to follow good hygiene and observe social distancing measures regardless of whether they have been tested.

This testing programme does not replace the current testing programme for those with symptoms. Anyone who is showing symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) will be required to self-isolate until the result from a lab-based polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is known.

Test and Trace Powerpoint

DfE live Q & A on remote education provision – Wednesday 3 February


Together with a panel of experts and sector leaders, the DfE will be hosting a live Q&A session on Wednesday 3 February at 4pm to answer questions about remote education. Find out more about the event and book your place. A recording of the session that took place on Wednesday 27 January is now available to watch online.


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Schools Covid Test Handbook for Parents

Guidance on new Tier System and Out Of School Settings provision

Important Notice:

 COVID-19 school closure arrangements for Safeguarding and Child Protection              

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