Primary Extra Curricular

King Solomon’s extended school hours enable us to provide students with a range of enrichment activities. Some enrichment activities are optional whilst others are compulsory, depending on the needs of the child; this will be discussed with parents. Students are however encouraged to take full advantage of the additional extra-curricular and enrichment activities offered. The school draws from a range of extracurricular providers to develop a rich and diverse range of activities available to our students. We also welcome suggestions from parents on the type of activities and clubs you would like to see at our school.

Lunchtime club

The lunchtime club provides students with a variety of extra-curricular activities to participate in during lunchtime. Students are encouraged to learn a musical instrument at some stage in their school career at King Solomon, as this creates a sense of discipline and musical appreciation beyond their cultural setting.

After school club

We offer a wrap-around provision, including breakfast club and after school clubs at subsidised rates. Please contact school to find out about our wrap-around provision.

School holiday programme

The school operates a 42 week (210 days) school year. This increase in contact time of an additional 20 days (4 weeks) compared to the 190 standard days is important for giving pupils the best opportunity of success. We also provide enrichment activities outside of teaching time.