A curriculum driven by our vision

In line with the vision of the school, there are three main strands to the curriculum in the secondary phase.

The Main Curriculum

The curriculum taught at King Solomon is broad and balanced and is based on the national curriculum. 

Subject Overviews

Year 7 

Year 8 

Year 9

Year 10 Core & Option Subjects

Year 10/11 

The International Business

International Business is the specialism of the school. This thread, woven into the curriculum throughout the school, seeks to develop student’s attitudes, skills and understanding of enterprise, the wealth creation process, international trade and the challenges and opportunities that result from globalisation and the emergence of new trading blocs. Our International Business Hierarchy of Learning diagram below provides a snapshot of how a student’s knowledge in international business and enterprise will progress through their life at the school.



The international business thread of the curriculum is being developed in partnership with international business companies. This will significantly bring added value to the school’s curriculum and enrichment offer through their specialist input, international business curriculum, business mentorship, work placements and internships in the UK and abroad.

The Character Development thread

 Character development is embodied in the Christian ethos of the school, which seeks to develop pupils' moral, civic, performance and intellectual character virtues to enable them to become outstanding citizens and to make a positive contribution to the moral and social fabric of their society. Our character development framework is based on the 9 character virtues associated with the Biblical Fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustworthiness, gentleness, and self-control.

The Student Council nominates a charity to support annually and organises events to raise funds. Our students are encouraged to take part in charity giving. Christian Aid week, for example, is promoted and supported throughout the school.

For details of our main curriculum by subject per year group can be found in the links below.


SEND and Learning Support

King Solomon has a range of learning support interventions to effectively meet the needs of all pupils so that every child is able to be able to fulfil their potential, including those with special educational needs and the gifted and talented meet the specific needs of pupils.  Some of our interventions are provided in the classroom whilst others are out of class support.

Please contact Mrs Bhalsod (SENCO) for further details on 0121 357 1905


Homework is compulsory at King Solomon as it is considered to be one of the principal ways in which pupil achievement can be raised.  The use of digital technologies and our Virtual Learning Platform will be encouraged. The home work timetable for each year group is available via the links below: