The Summer Challenge

King Solomon International Business School hosted a six day ‘ Summer Challenge’ for our new Year 11 students.
This week- long program was designed to develop key skills that the  students can transfer to their wider learning and academic success in their GCSE studies. The students received a number of opportunities this week, which started with a visit to Apple’ s coding and tech base in Birmingham. Here, they learnt invaluable skills, including the ability to design their own app. The students developed  not only their creativity here but their understanding of computer/ mobile software that will help them in their studies as they progress onto further years.
Dr. Trevor Adams ( stand center) in discussion
Dr. Trevor Adams also gave a talk about Navigational Smarts, which gave the students more of a practical, day- to- day knowledge which will help them throughout life. Students were taught about the importance of knowing your route. However, it wasn’t just a physical expression, also explained about how to navigate through life. The importance of putting in effort, perseverance, being resilient   and  having   the commitment/ dedication to be able to do whatever they wanted in their lives.

Key Business Skills

Students enjoyed a masterclass about Speed- reading from Mr. Sean Deer. This allowed them to pick up invaluable skills that will improve their learning experience in school. These skills can also translate to better understanding of A- level and Degree level material. By the culmination of the masterclass students, they could read three times faster than their original level by using the framework that Sean had provided for them. There are multiple benefits of speed- reading that the students had received such as the ability to absorb information much faster and also allowing them to recall information more effectively which will in turn, increase their knowledge in many fields of interest.